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Business Meeting


Loan and Bursary up to 1,300 CAD per month

Our business programs will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to compete in today’s business world and will open doors to many varied, exciting careers.

AVS Starting a Business 4 Months

AVS Sales Representation 6 Months

DVS Professional Sales 10 Months 

DVS Travel Sales 10 Months

DVS Hotel Reception 10 Months

DVS Accounting 13 Months

DVS Computer Graphics 15 Months

DVS Food & Beverage 10 Months


The Loans and Bursaries (up to 1,300 CAD per month) Program enables Québec students with insufficient financial resources to pursue full-time secondary school level vocational training, college or university studies. This program is contributive in nature, meaning that students and, if applicable, their parents, spouse or sponsor are primarily responsible for the cost of their education.

How to APPLY?

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AUGUST 2019, Thursday

AUGUST 2019, Sunday

SEPTEMBER 2019, Wednesday

To help students acquire the competencies required to successfully integrate into the place of training and the business world, to determine their suitability for their business proposal and the training process, to follow procedures necessary for starting and running a business, to research and process information, to prepare a business plan outline, to plan business activities, to determine market analysis, marketing and sales strategies, to determine the human, material and physical resources needed to start and run a business and to organize and process the information needed to secure business financing.

Reaching a Deal


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AUGUST 2019, Sat-Sun

SEPTEMBER 2019, Tue & Thur

Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to become a qualified sales representative in wholesale, establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers, manage sales territories, and adapt quickly and easily to a wholesale establishment.

Business Meeting


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OCTOBER 2019, Sat-Sun

The aim of the program is to train someone in the sales of products or services, to offer solutions that correspond to their customers’ needs, to provide advice, establish a climate of trust and build customer loyalty by offering personalized service that meets customer expectations. In addition to consulting and sales-related tasks, sales consultants may also manage and display in-store merchandise and provide after-sales service.

Adult Students


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September 2019, Mon-Thur

To develop the skills necessary to complete accounting tasks such as: to calculate and prepare the bills, invoices, receipts, payments, etc. of a business, to manage the petty cash, to produce the payroll, to calculate prices, to accurately complete and verify work for daily accounting tasks, to complete end of fiscal period and end of year tasks, produce income tax forms, and to create an accounting system.

Art Gallery


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September 2019, Mon-Thur

Computer Graphics, a DVS program, teaches students how to produce page layout templates and create page layouts. Students learn how to process images and text, incorporating them into page layouts and preparing the layouts for printing and multimedia distribution, while ensuring that they meet technical distribution standards.